Hifu - Liposonix 

Liposonix is unique among body contouring technologies – and the difference is all about focus and intensity. Liposonix uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) which penetrates into the deeper layer of the skin. A powerful thermal effect targets the fat in the abdomen and flanks. Hifu treatments deliver focused energy at specific depths in the fat without damaging surrounding tissue. Hifu is an effective non-surgical treatment which delivers similar results as Coolsculpting/Cryolipolyis ("Fatfreezing"). However,  while CoolSculpting targets more "bulk areas" Hifu Treatments can be customised to target specific trouble spots which are too small for the larger Coolsculpting applicators. Another effect is an improvement of the skin tone which cannot be achieved with Cryolipolyisis / CoolSculpting.


Targeting specific areas

Patients come in all shapes and sizes, and so does their fat. Other non-invasive body contouring devices can be limited in their ability to treat certain areas of fat and may require several hours and/or multiple treatment sessions to adequately address problem areas. Hifu/Liposonix treatment is highly versatile, allowing control over precisely how and where energy is delivered, for a truly customised treatment in a single one-hour session.

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Going deeper

Many other non-invasive fat reduction technologies, such as Radiofrequency and lasers, energy is highly absorbed or scattered near the skin surface, limiting penetration into subcutaneous fat tissue and delivering temporary results. Ultrasound energy can be used to penetrate through the skin layers and into the targeted fat tissue without harming skin or surrounding tissues. Other ultrasound body contouring technologies often use low-intensity, low-frequency, or unfocused energy which can require multiple treatments and lead to unpredictable results. The Liposonix system uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to destroy targeted subcutaneous fat and deliver uniform, predictable results after a single one-hour treatment.

We recommend usually a course of 3 treatment 2 weeks apart. Results can be seen as early as after 2 weeks but best results will be visible after a course of treatments. The combination of Liposonix (HIFU = High Frequency Focussed Ultrasound)  and Cryolipolysis allows targeting all areas. Larger areas such as stomach or buttocks are easily treatable with cryolipolysis while smaller areas respond well to Liposonix /HIFU.